surō ethics

who makes surō's products?

surō's co-founders, hannah and l.d, design and make all of surō's jewellery.

where are surō’s products made?

surō’s jewellery is made in sydney, australia at hannah & l.d.’s multidisciplinary studio.

what traditional goldsmithing methods does surō use?

surō’s jewellery is made exclusively from traditional methods, which include lost wax casting, soldering, gilding, and hand polishing.

what materials are surō's jewellery made from?

surō’s jewellery is made exclusively from precious metals, which means 925 sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil. for solid gold or platinum enquiries, please contact us here

why do you refuse to use brass or bronze in your jewellery?

fine jewellery means quality in production & materials. brass & bronze are not quality materials insofar that they are not precious metals & often irritate the skin because of their molecular structure.

is the silver & gold ethically sourced?

surō’s jewellery is made from recycled raw materials wherever possible, with all 925 sterling silver pieces made from recycled refinings. our precious metals are never sourced from imported sites due to our inability to guarantee ethical practices, but instead sourced exclusively from australian suppliers. 

how did you arrive at your prices?

surō’s jewellery is the antithesis of fast fashion, which means we make pieces to last not only one lifetime, but several, because we want them to be passed down from generation to generation. this means that each piece is meticulously made by hand, which involves many hours of designing & production. in this way, surō’s jewellery is both a high end fashion accessory but also an art object because each design is made in highly limited batches.

why is surō’s jewellery called art objects?

surō’s jewellery is individually made once an order is placed, which means each & every piece will be slightly unique. although the design is the same, each piece is tailor made for our clients.  

surō care instructions

on caring for sterling silver 

sterling silver jewellery will inevitably tarnish over time. please don’t use hot water or harsh chemicals to clean your jewellery. instead, use the clean, polishing cloth that we supply with each purchase to avoid scratching the metal. we recommend taking your jewellery off before swimming and exercising & storing jewellery in a soft pouch.

on caring for gold plated jewellery

please use a soft, damp cloth if the piece is dirty, but don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning. moisturisers, creams, makeup and perfumes all contain ingredients that can tarnish gold plated jewellery so apply everything before putting on your jewellery. we recommend taking your jewellery off before swimming and exercising & storing jewellery in a soft pouch.

on caring for jewellery pieces that have pearls

avoid exposing your pearl jewellery to extreme temperatures as this can cause them to swell, which can ultimately loosen the setting. whenever they need a cleaning just use a clean, soft cloth to gently rub the surface.

on avoiding gold plated pieces fading

the gold on gold plated jewellery will inevitably fade over time as the layer of gold is very thin. the less a piece is handled the less likely the gold will rub off over time. the gold will eventually patina to reveal the base material, which for surō pieces is sterling silver. if you are unhappy with the aesthetics, we are more than happy to discuss re-plating your piece.