care guide

sterling silver jewellery

sterling silver jewellery will inevitably tarnish over time. please don’t use hot water or harsh chemicals to clean your jewellery. always use a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal.  

all sterling silver pieces come with a polishing cloth so please use this to gently clean your jewellery.

gold plated jewellery

our plated jewellery is a thin layer of 18c gold covering sterling silver. it is fragile and will wear over time, so we have some tips to extend the life of the piece.

  • use warm water and a worn soft toothbrush if the piece is really dirty, but don’t apply too much pressure or rub too hard.
  • moisturisers, creams, makeup and perfumes all contain ingredients that can affect gold plated jewellery so apply everything before putting on your jewellery.
  • take your jewellery off before swimming and exercising.
  • store jewellery in a soft pouch.

caring for pearls

avoid exposing your pearl jewellery to extreme temperatures as this can cause it to swell and can loosen the setting. clean with a soft cloth.

jewellery storage

store jewellery separately in soft pouches or original boxes in a cool, dry place.

wooden objects

we suggest coating your wooden object annually with osmo’s polyx oil raw. the oil is food safe, as well as safe for humans, animals and plants. it contains no biocides or preservatives, and is resistant against coffee, tea, wine, water, etc., simply apply a thin coat of this oil using a clean rag and wipe away any excess oil within 5 minutes of application to avoid tackiness. allow 24 hours for the piece to fully dry.